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Communication is the key to our success.

Here is how CKBM uses a unique management and communication tool to support and communicate with our cleaners and clients:

1) Our cleaners are provided site specific cleaning instructions via a mobile app on their smart phones along with pictures of your space highlighting what is important to you.

2) Most client complaints have less to do with quality and more to do with communication. Our software allows our cleaners to easily report problems proactively, making sure our team gets in front of issues that can turn into problems left unaddressed. When problems are reported, our managers will know immediately. The software will alert managers as problems are reported in real time via text message or our mobile app.

3) Our software offers managers the ability to inspect the quality of their employees work with an extremely simple and easy to use mobile app. Managers can easily create site specific inspection plans. Inspection plans can include unlimited inspection points and can be easily organized to make sure every area needing attention is inspected thoroughly. When conducting onsite inspections, managers can simply rate the quality of each inspection point. In addition to selecting an easy to understand rating, they can easily record comments, and take photos to provide clear communication for their rating.

4) Increase Client Trust, all too often inspections are completed, and the client doesn't even know you were there. The best inspection is the one your client knows about. Our software allows us to easily record notes about the inspection and send it to the client before they even leave the building.

5) Client Messaging, keeping the lines of communication open with a client is an important part of maintaining a healthy client relationship. In a lot of cases, it’s the little things that go unspoken that end up causing client dissatisfaction. With Client Messaging, our software offers each client a customized experience that allows them to communicate with each manager, keeping the entire team on the same page at all times. The client message board allows the managers and clients to communicate in one place, replacing outdated log books that never get used. As messages are posted (Text and Pictures) from either a manager or client, it will update everyone. Messages can even be marked as urgent to draw additional attention.

6) Supply tracking, keeping track of what locations need what supplies can be a full-time job. The right supplies can make the difference between doing a great job and not being able to do your job at all. Cleaners can use the mobile app to request any supplies that managers assign to a location. Cleaners can even let them know if there running low or completely out so they know how urgent it is. Managers can use the manager's mobile app to get a real-time update on what is required where.

7) Janitorial Time Tracking, recording accurate time ensures us and our clients they are getting what they are paying for. Our cleaners will have access to sign in and out using the mobile app. When cleaners use the mobile app to sign in or out, we build a geofence location awareness around the facility letting us know if they are physically onsite or not.