24/7 Water Restoration

Water is an essential part of our lives and we highly depend on it to survive. However, this may not always be the case for your house or commercial property. Water can give serious problems to either your home or business. What’s worse, when these emergencies happen, you don’t get warnings.

Fire Smoke Restoration

At Central Kentucky Business Maintenance, our fire smoke restoration covers the repair of structural damages, getting rid of smoke, soot, and lingering odors as well as making sure that every health concern that may arise in the aftermath of the incident is systematically prevented or eliminated. After we finish our work, you can expect that your residential or commercial property will be rebuilt and restored to its former glory, if not better!

Mold Remediation

Mold is undeniably unattractive when you see it growing on any surface inside your house or office. When you breathe in mold spores, they can trigger or worsen asthma, cause fatigue and irritation among many other symptoms and illnesses. Before your situation worsens, it’s of the essence to call a team of reputable Mold Remediation Professionals as soon as you notice any signs of the problem.

Build Back Restoration

When facing structural damages from disasters, you need build-back restoration services you can trust. Central Kentucky Business Maintenance understands how frustrating it is to have your business impacted negatively due to the damage, that is why we make it our goal to meet any reasonable timeline required so we can return your affected commercial area to its intended functionality and former luster.