Mold Remediation

Mold is undeniably unattractive when you see it growing on any surface inside your house or office.

When you breathe in mold spores, they can trigger or worsen asthma, cause fatigue and irritation among many other symptoms and illnesses. While they pose health risks to you, your loved ones, colleagues, and anyone else under the same roof as you, they can also damage and degrade your property. Before your situation worsens, it’s of the essence to call a team of reputable Mold Remediation Professionals as soon as you notice any signs of the problem.

Accurate Detection And Complete Mold Removal

As soon as you see signs of any mold in your home or business, or if you just recently suffered from water damage, Central Kentucky Business Maintenance will take action to protect you from the harmful effects of the many varieties of mold. As a company that specializes in cleaning medical facilities, and properties that are built to impress such as A-class offices, our proven effective mold removal methods, and modern equipment are designed to work effectively to suit the unique mold remediation needs of your home or office. We detect any mold present – visible or hidden.

Identifying Mold At Your Home Or Office

Mold can be found anywhere in nature, but it doesn’t belong in your house or office.

What Are Molds?

Mold is a fungus that can be found in wet or damp areas indoors and outdoors. Mold thrives on moisture, meaning, they can’t survive without it. That is why they are mostly found in wet environments caused by high humidity, faulty pipes, or floods. They reproduce by spreading mold spores into the air or water to new locations so they can grow.

What Do They Look Like?

There are thousands of different types of molds, and their appearances can differ depending on the species and where it’s growing. They can also look like their fungal cousins such as mushrooms and yeasts. Mold found in homes and buildings, like the infamous black mold, commonly takes on dark green, dark gray, brown, or black colors. It may also begin to grow in hidden areas before reaching more visible locations.

What Do They Smell Like?

The smell of mold is very similar to what you would smell after opening a very old book. The smell of indoor mold has a damp and musty scent. However, since the smell varies on the type of mold, some do not emit a strong scent that can be noticed easily. Especially, during their growth stage. While this is true, prolonged exposure can still lead to a wide array of harmful symptoms and illnesses.

We Restore Properties To Pre-Loss Condition

With us working at your side, we eliminate the destructive impacts of flood, sewage, mold, fire, and smoke to your residential or commercial property. You can guarantee that Central Kentucky Business Maintenance always has your best interest in mind and will work to restore your property to a pre-loss state with the utmost diligence, integrity, and efficiency. To learn more about our other restoration services, click the links below or Contact Us Today!