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Meet Our Team

Matosha Fugett


[email protected] 

Matosha Fugett founded the company in early 2017, after spending the last seven years working in the medical

industry. Previously, she spent her career working in the customer service industry. Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, Matosha still resides there with her husband Donnie, and their five children. In her spare time, Matosha enjoys making crafts, traveling and enjoying outdoor adventures with her husband and children.

Matosha credits the current success of her company to her late father, and her husband, both named Donnie. With her husband giving her a multitude of support and encouragement, she be​lieved in herself to achieve her dreams of becoming a business owner.

She understands the high demands that her customers face so she works consistently with modern technology to make sure that her customers’ cleaning requirements are met. Matosha believes in the old-fashioned way of doing business face-to-face with customers.

As a parent and cancer survivor, Matosha knows firsthand what it means to face adversity. She also knows that with the right amount of support, hard times can be Overcome. For her, no dream is too small and she gets a significant amount of personal satisfaction knowing that she can help others create a brighter future for themselves.

Donnie Fugett

Senior Director of Operations

[email protected]

Donnie Fugett has over 16 years of environmental cleaning management experience, 10+ years as an operations manager for a corporate environmental healthcare service company. Donnie has received several certifications in environmental services in the healthcare industry.

Donnie attended EKU and University of Phoenix and currently holds a degree in business administration and degree in criminal justice. He has also spent 3 years in law enforcement and in 2012 received Deputy of the Year in recognition for his outstanding efforts and accomplishments as an officer. These years of experience in management and law enforcement have given Donnie the opportunity to work with all types of people and have taught him to work effectively and efficiently in every circumstance. Donnie’s current responsibilities as senior director of operations, include overseeing all operations and business development in central and eastern Kentucky areas. You can send Donnie a message via [email protected]