Carpet and Floor Care

As a commercial property owner, it is in your best interest to keep your property clean and sanitary at all times.

By doing so, it will help you protect and maintain your precious investment while keeping the area an ideal place for your employees to be productive and free of any health risks. An investment in commercial Carpet & Floor Care benefits your business in more ways than you may think.

When it comes to professional commercial floor cleaning, Central Kentucky Business Maintenance is dedicated to delivering the best-proven methods in carpet and commercial floor cleaning. We also produce the best results in waxing and polishing different kinds of floor types like concrete, tile, granite, linoleum, and marble back into their top shape and luster.

With the help of modern technology, CKBM utilizes a unique tool that makes communication so much easier with our clients and employees. This ensures that we meet all of your personalized needs and that problems are reported proactively by our carpet cleaners in real-time so they are taken care of right away.

Your Carpets Are More Than Just Ornaments

Carpets have been around since times immemorial serving both as an ornament and a means to provide warmth. Depending on the different properties of the carpet you own, it can add a lot to beautify any room. It gives more than just comfort or makes you feel cozy, it also helps in giving your space ambiance and also acts as a symbol of personal taste. As the central feature of both indoor and outdoor floor spaces, many business owners nowadays find carpets a worthy investment, and carpet cleaning is a great way to protect that investment. After all, clean carpets reflect well on the business as well as encourage a positive attitude and greater productivity from everybody dwelling within the space.

Carpet & Commercial Floor Cleaning Advantages

Keeping any kind of floor in top shape whether it’s tile, concrete, granite, linoleum, marble, carpeted, or uncarpeted, is a daunting task. Regardless of how careful you are, tons of allergens, soil, debris, and stains carried in on the bottom of shoes can ruin any floor or carpet’s beauty and cleanliness. Luckily, Central Kentucky Business Maintenance has your back when it comes to professional floor care. 


Save Time On Cleaning It Yourself

By bringing a commercial floor cleaning agency such as CKBM on a regular schedule, you and your employees don’t have to be taken away from your main function to spend time cleaning carpets or waxing and polishing floors yourselves. Instead, you can stay focused and handle more significant aspects of your operations.


Steer Clear Of Expensive Replacements

The carpet cleaners at CKBM bring the promise of extending the lifespan of your carpets, that’s what maintenance does. Carpet replacement can be really expensive especially if you’re doing so across an entire commercial space.


No Need To Stock Up On Supplies

By working with a third-party cleaning agency, you can save money on supplies and equipment. You won’t have to stock up on commercial cleaning solutions or waxing and polishing products, which can add up to quite a bit of money over an extended period.


Avoid Additional Expenses On In-House Employment

Hiring an in-house employee to clean your carpet and flooring can cost you way more than employing a scheduled service like CKBM. Some maintenance jobs do not necessitate full-time work. Instead of paying a full salary with benefits, you can just pay for the services as you need them.

Experience High-Tech Efficiency Service

We at Central Kentucky Business Maintenance (CKBM) follow a technology-based service delivery process so progress can be efficiently monitored and communicated in real-time. Our company specializes in cleaning medical facilities and class – A office spaces. You can contact us to request: