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We INSPECT our work, COMMUNICATE with our clients, and ADJUST where needed in order to provide the best in class service for your facilities, clients, and staff.

We are not your typical cleaning company.

Here are 3 core reasons why we are different:

1. We focus on our cleaners so that they can focus on you.

Finding the perfect cleaner can be a real challenge. CKBM spends a

tremendous amount of time finding, training and retaining the best cleaners the industry has to offer.

2. It's not just about cleaning, it’s about communication.

CKBM​ recognizes that doing a great job is more than just providing great

cleaning. We leverage technology to provide our clients clear and consistent communication about the job we do.

3. No cleaning company cares more about quality, and we can prove it.

From the technology we use, to our quality inspections, we invest heavily in making sure that we are providing you the best possible cleaning services. Quality is at the heart of why we do everything we do.

Central Ky Building Maintenance combines expertise and experience with advanced technology. We’d like you to know that you can have top-tier janitorial services without having to spend so much.


Get in touch with us to find out how we could be of service to you. You may also ask us to provide you with a free quote. We serve clients all throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.

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